the best of plaza iii

Steak, Soup
& KC Tradition

Better than you ever remembered…

Bring Plaza III® Home

Withstanding the test of time

An Iconic Steakhouse Reinvented.

Today, the Plaza III Steakhouse takes on new life and evolves with the next generation of food lovers. Great steaks, seasonings, à la carte sides and the famous steak soup are now available for purchase and can be delivered directly to your front door. Bring home the best of Plaza III and recreate those special moments from the comfort of your own home.


Plaza III Promise

Quality was a founding hallmark of Plaza III, and that tradition lives on today. When asked what he saw as the future of the restaurant industry, Bill Gilbert was quoted as saying, “Change is always the case. Every day there are new ideas, new changes, and new innovations.” Holding true to this wisdom, Plaza III has changed its way of serving its amazing guests to a new and innovative format, but…

…the founding values of quality food and top notch customer service remain true.